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E-mail & Web Hosting

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience to be stuck between two vendors? The common scenario is each points their finger at the other saying "It's their fault!". We've heard this story many times from new client's who were caught between their ex Web designer and their ex Web hosting company. At BANG! this will never happen, we promise! Here's why...

The Web site we build for you will be hosted by us, on our servers. No one is in a better position to display your new site to the world than the designers and developers who spent countless hours building and polishing it to a high gloss in preparation for your site visitors? Same for your e-mail. Who do you think is going to be the most reliable at getting your contact forms or order notifications? The mail server run by the big telephone company that sits... well I'm not really sure where their servers are... or our mail servers that are in the rack just above the Web servers?

About now you should be asking....

  • Can you reliably host my site and e-mail?
  • What's your network uptime?
  • Does the data center have two connections to the Internet...not just one?
  • Is the data center secure?

Our answers? Yes, 99.99%, No (there are four in use for the blended network we use), and Yes, it is very secure right down to man traps for physical access and retina scans for biometric access to the data center floor.

We have been hosting Web sites and e-mail since 1996. The data center we are in is the largest commercially-available data center in the United States. At 538,000 square feet in overall size, the raised rack floor has 9 football fields of rackspace. Designed and built to be highly reliable and efficient. The facility incorporates a number of diverse and green data center systems to provide "always on" operations while reducing the overall carbon footprint. The data center is SAS 70 Type II certified.

The data center employs a multi-layered approach to access control. Starting at the perimeter with bollards to control the flow of vehicle traffic onto the premises. A guard controlled gated entry restricts unauthorized visits and on-site security staff monitor the data center and campus 24*7*forever. Closed circuit TV surveillance is installed at multiple locations in and around the data center and all activity is recorded digitally. All visitors must provide government issued identification prior to entering the data center floor. Upon entry, their access is limited to only the areas they have been authorized for. Biometric screening, bank-vault style mantraps and locking cabinets, cages and suites all provide additional layers of access control.

At BANG! your Web site and e-mail is our first and only priority. We don't run dial-up, DSL or any other type of Internet access service on our equipment. Our bandwidth is dedicated solely to your Web site and e-mail traffic.

Our network and servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Backups are performed nightly on all of the Web, e-mail, and database servers and moved off-site for disaster recovery. You can sleep well at night knowing your Web site will be up today and tomorrow!

What kind of Web site & e-mail hosting do we provide for our client’s?

  • Basic .html Web page hosting on Windows Server 2003/IIS6 & 2008/IIS7 servers
  • .cfm (ColdFusion Pages for database driven sites and e-commerce Web sites)
  • Flash Remoting (database driven sites delivered by Flash)
  • E-mail through standard POP3 & IMAP
  • Webmail using SmarterMail servers
  • Web Calendar and RSS alongside your e-mail
  • FTP Sites
  • Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Our Web site hosting client’s receive monthly reports of traffic and visitors to their Web site... a free service included in your hosting fees.

If you are getting a comfortable feeling about our hosting capabilities…

your very perceptive. We've been hosting websites since 1996. Those years of experience have allowed us to develop a secure and scalable environment for hosting our clients sites. We keep on top of security issues, viruses, and high availability hosting solutions.

Please note: We only host sites that we have built for our clients. We do not provide hosting for 3rd party developed sites for security and reliability reasons. If you would like to become a BANG! client and have us build your site, please contact us!

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  • "My Web presence is AWESOME

    Just had to let you know. This past week I have received 2 requests I never would have thought possible.

    1. Someone from Boston found me on the web and wants me to do some monogramming for her on pillows.
    2. Someone serving in the middle East contacted me.  She'll be home just before Halloween and wants me to do some lettering on her costume for her.  She lives here in Tampa. This was just too cool! 

    Thank you so much.  Your strategy for writing the pages really works!!!!

    PS  I'm also receiving regularly requests from the local area, but these 2 were too much for me.

    PSS Just got another inquiry from Minnesota!

    You worked efficiently, quickly and responded to all my questions. I was especially concerned about loading up product on my store and being able to maintain the site myself. The administrative part of the site is very user friendly. Again, my questions were answered immediately – and correctly." - Sue Urbach, Embroidered Pelican

    Web site design for Embroidered Pelican

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