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Elkhart Chamber Returns to BANG!

 Website Design for Elkhart Chamber of Commerce

You Can't Judge A Website By Its Homepage

The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce has been a BANG! client since 1998. They left for a short period of time, but returned when they found how difficult it was to manage their new website compared to the Content Management System built by BANG!.

Our solution: We take a different approach than most web developers, we build what the client needs and wants rather than forcing them into an off the shelf cookier cutter solution. With the Elkhart Chamber Website that meant extensive custom web programming to control their business listings. In-house they use a Chamber specific membership database to track all the details about each members business. They then export a .csv file from that database and upload it to the website to manage their business listings. No double data entry, no copy and pasting... enter it once, export a file and upload the data and import it into the website. This type of simplicity is why the Chamber came back to BANG!

Another example of our custom website programming is their event registration system. They enter the event details including the cost of the event, the location including a Google map, any custom fields they want to record along with the maximum number of attendees and we "sell" the tickets and handle the event registrations. 

Of course we used responsive web design techniques for mobile optimization of the site keeping site visitors and Google happy. 

Results: Once again a happy Chamber Staff!

As Kathy Cardwell, IOM Vice President Administration said...

"I have known Brian now for more than 15 years and he has provided great service and expertise in technology, website design and email hosting. He completely renovated our website a couple years ago at the Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce. He is always good with customer service and quick to meet our needs as they arise. I would highly recommend Brian and his staff at BANG!, they are all great to work with!"

Thanks for the kind words Kathy! For assistance with your organization's website give us a call today at 574-245-9576 or fill out the form below.


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Wana RV Achieves Success With BANG!

  • I'm a guy with a lot of ideas and I like to bounce those ideas off their team. They tweak my ideas, adjust the page or graphics, and it’s ready to go. In a good news/bad news scenario, the Web site proved almost too successful. I aggressively advertised a product on his site, garnered phenomenal national sales; however, the manufacturer thought that my low pricing was too aggressive and asked me to “tone down” my marketing because other dealers were complaining. I use that experience as an example of the power of the Internet as it relates to increased sales.

    I'm always getting compliments about my Web site. Others comment about how easy it is to read and the prices are right on the same page. They don’t have to do a lot of ‘clicking around’ to find the information they want. My Web site generates more sales than any other marketing venue. I also use radio, the Yellow Pages, television and newspaper, but I’m cutting back on those. The Web is my best tool and gives me the most sales. - Gary Miller, Wana RV & Engine Center

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