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Business to Business Web Site Designs

At BANG! many of our projects are for 1 business that sells to other business, often across the country or even internationally. Below are a few sample websites for these "B2B" businesses.

Website Design for Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre South Bend Indiana

The Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre is more than just Virtual Office Space as the offer a professional environment where business people from South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart, Goshen, Osceola, Granger, Niles, Plymouth and LaPorte can share the facilities, services and amenities of an office center that truly understands and fills their needs. 

This site was a website redesign of an existing site. We gave it a fresh new look and worked on the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well to improve their rankings on Google and other search engines. To view The Executive Suite at Jefferson Centre Website click here > (link will open in a new tab).


Website Design for Elkhart Chamber of Commerce

Nothing says Business 2 Business like a Chamber of Commerce Website. This site for The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce uses a responsive web design, optimizing the site for mobile visitors. This is Google's preferred method for mobile optimization. Whether the site visitor is using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone they'll have a pleasant experience.  

This site features several custom programming areas including a membership database that is easily updated by uploading a .csv file, and an events registration system that allows Chamber members to register for events and pay-on-line. The Chamber has been a client of BANG! since 1998. To view the Elkhart Chamber Website click here > (link will open in a new tab).


Website Design for Business Consultant

Jones Business Solutions has over 20 years of business consulting and the team is ready to help your company move forward. With committment and partnerships that average 23 years, Bob has the experience and resources to help design and execute well-planned growth strategies.

This site features a simple, clean and colorful design. We especially like the homepage graphic of "Putting Out Fires!" a feeling business owners know all to well. Site uses responsive web design for mobile site optimization and our Quick Contact Form making it easy for site visitors to contact you. To view this business consultant Website click here > (link will open in a new tab).


 Website Design for Social Media Agency

Twist Agency was founded by Cara McGinnis after the realization that there was a niche for social media marketing that produces high-end results without the big agency price tag.

From services such as email marketing, social media management and Facebook advertising, Twist creates fresh, relevant content that reveals your brand’s story. Their professional team stays up on the marketplace trends which allows them to tailor to specific platforms, effectively targeting your desired market and creating lasting engagement.

This site features our portfolio/case studies system. It provides an easy and effective way to not only showcase your work, but it automatically creates search engine optimized pages tailored to what you do, what industry, or geographic location. It also features a quick contact form on the right hand side of most pages. To view the Twist Agency Website click here > (link will open in a new tab).


These are just a few of the B2B Website Design and Development projects built by BANG! Web Site Design. If you'd like to discuss your project give us a call at 574-245-9576 ext 1 for sales or fill out the form below.


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PharmaTuff ® by EFP Corporation

PharmaTuff ® by EFP Corporation offers cold chain packaging solutions. Their Pharmatuff ® brand of shippers have been designed to meet the demanding expectations of todays sophisticated logistics networks and regulatory requirements. All of their products are tested to ISTA standards for temperature and small parcel shipping.

EFP Corporation offers a variety of solutions to your temperature sensitive packaging requirements with their broad range of standard molded EPS shippers, fabricated packaging options, or engineered custom solutions to your specific needs.

Whether your product needs to be kept frozen, controlled to within 2-8C, or any other range of temperature profiles, EFP has the knowledge and resources to develop pack-out solutions and validations that suit your needs. Contact us for more information about our Pharmatuff ® brand of shippers today!

Madden Manufacturing, Inc.

Industrial metering pump manufacturer, Madden Manufacturing designs and manufactures diaphragm type metering pumps for chemicals and industrial steam system equipment.

Their mechanically actuated diaphragm design makes irritating hydraulic systems and cheap solenoid driven pumps look like a headache. Their pumps include continuously lubricated bearings and shafts to assure many years of dependable pumping service and the heavy duty diaphragm also keeps the chemical from penetrating the inner gear works of the pump. When it’s time to replace worn wetted end parts the job is quick and easy, and accomplished with the use of common tools. Need a custom system, Madden can also build entire pumping systems.

Madden's boiler blowdown equipment includes heat recovery systems, blowdown tanks and separators as well as orifice meters and sample coolers.

To learn more about Madden Manufacturing's Industrial pumps, contact them today!

Assembly Masters, Inc.

From the Midwest, across the Americas, and worldwide, our products are used in a diverse number of applications, and Assembly Masters has earned a reputation for consistency and superior workmanship. Our customers know that they can count on us to provide what they need quickly, with the highest quality and a fair price.

We manufacture Wire and Cable Assemblies, Formed Power Cables, Air Core Inductors / Air Coils, and many other related products.

Edward J. White, Inc.

Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning - Edward J. White, Inc. - South Bend, Indiana Edward J. White provides service & repair whether your needs are residential, commercial, or industrial. Contact us today for winning plumbing, heating and air conditioning solutions!

Established in 1925, the keep up with latest technologies and trends to offer the same friendly, full service and quality as they did when they started.

To learn more about Edward J. White's full service plumbing, heating and air conditioning today!

BNI South Bend

Would you like to significantly increase your business through a structured word-of-mouth marketing program? Are you willing to help other business professionals become more successful? Are you proud of the products and services you provide? If you answered Yes to these questions, visit the South Bend BNI Chapter web site. Why BNI! Member benefits include substantially increase referrals, Tools to network more effectively and Participation in up to 52 networking meetings per year. Contact Us today, we are looking for our future members, and we have what you are looking for in your business relationships and marketing efforts.

Derby Industries

Proven durability, quality craftsmanship, and prompt delivery: These are the traits that set us apart from the rest.  We are the original inventor and patent holder for the sealed seam Corrections / Jail Mattresses with the integrated pillows.  Our products are designed and independently tested to be tough enough to withstand the jail/prison environment, yet safe and comfortable enough to meet your specific needs.  We offer standard and custom-sized mattress products with a variety of both core and cover options.  We are your complete mattress solution.

Also check out our line of health care mattresses, education mattresses, and other products.

Enrichment Strategies

Enrichment Strategies has worked with executives, managers, supervisors, business owners, salespeople to not only improve their professional lives (such as sales, management, growth & innovation, and customer loyalty), but to become better fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, friends, and in fact, better individuals. This is accomplished by not just focusing on the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful, but even more importantly, the attitudes and habits where the majority of performance failures, terminations, etc. come from.

Enrichment Strategies provides many services including coaching and development, strategic & business planning, and sales training.

Filter Equipment, Inc.

Filter Equipment - Dust System Design is a specialist that provides air filtration products and services that help business and industry breathe easy.  Filter Equipment Services methods and procedures eliminate air contaminants from visible clouds of weld smoke to invisible fumes, VOCs, and particulate matter.

Our professional dust system design service can help you choose the air filtration products and equipment that precisely fit the needs of your business at a competitive, but very reasonable price.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and Save!  Let Filter Equipment help you cut air filtration costs with our filter bag laundry service.

Application Engineering, Inc.

Application Engineering Inc. began in response to the need for components other than engine dynamometers and testing data acquisition systems for engine testing. Engine testing can vary from single cylinder gasoline chainsaw engines to huge multiple cylinder diesel engines with multiple turbochargers used in ships. AEI is open to all of these markets…having a proven superior background in the automotive and medium duty truck diesel industry.

Their engineering, CAD and Machine shops services allow for the designing and manufacturing on the mechanical engineering side of engine test equipment. AEI holds the engine, fuels the engine, cools the engine and manages the driveline power out of the engine.

Click here to learn more about Application Engineering, the mechanical side of engine testing.


IBD Connection

IBD Connection, Inc. is a consulting firm located in the Midwest of the United States in South Bend, Indiana, providing active advisory and support metal processing & metal forming consulting services to companies that seek to improve or expand their European / North American markets.

European companies contact and work with IBD Connection, Inc. to develop metal processing and metal forming projects in North America. North American Metal Processing and Metal Forming Companies contact and work with IBD Connection Inc. to build and grow their business domestically or to expand into the European market.

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